Why Do Painters Wear White

You have probably seen or come across a professional painter wearing white attire and wondered why white? Well, what now is a norm started a long time ago and has now become kind of a tradition for a professional painter to wear white. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons behind the white attire so that next time you see a professional painter in white, you can easily appreciate their craft.

The Painter’s Attire

The outfit worn by painters is called painter’s whites, which is generally a work uniform for painters. It is typical to find painters wearing white overall pants. Overall, most painters wear a white shirt and top their attire with a white hat. But why so much white clothing? Here are some reasons why professional painters don white attire:

  1. White is the color of painter’s unions

At some point in their union history, the painters’ union mandated all of their painters to wear white clothing while working. At this point though, a majority of the painters were already wearing white. The declaration by the painters’ union only made it official and the tradition has been carried on ever since.

  • White is cool

Most painters will often have to work outside in the sun. If they wore black or any other color, then they would get hot working as dull colors absorb and retain heat much easier. White on the other hand reflects off the heat and helps the painters stay cool for longer especially when working outdoors.

  • White allows you to discern a painter’s experience

The paint smattered on a painter’s work attire is a kind of curriculum vitae on its own. You can be able to discern a painter who has been on the job for longer just by looking at the various colors of paints etched on their work clothes. Most painters are proud of this and will often wear the same work attire for many projects and it is worn out and can no longer protect them as effectively.

  • White acts as a caution to people about wet paint

It is pretty annoying to walk into an area with fresh paint and lean against the wall unconsciously. Although this happens sometimes, it is much rare if you walk into an area where a bunch of guys is wearing white aprons. Once you see guys in white aprons, it will subconsciously click in your mind that the area has wet paint and thus you are most likely going to avoid leaning on walls.

  • White clothing is cheap

White clothing is pretty cheap and easily available another reason why professional painters choose white clothing. It would be uneconomical to wear an expensive attire which you are going to stain on your first job. Moreover, it costs manufacturers less to make white clothes and the benefit is passed down to consumers making them cheaply available for professional painters.

  • White is the base color for other colors

When mixing colors, you are most likely to use white as the base. In the past, painters used to take paint paste and mix it with white lead powder. This process produced a huge cloud of white dust that could land on the painter’s clothes. To hide this dust, painters started wearing white clothes and this has continued ever since.

What do painters wear to protect their clothes while working?

Unlike what most people think, most painters don’t wear anything to protect their clothing. They simply wear their white painter’s attire and allow the paint to get over them. However, you may find some painters wearing protective gear such as an apron or a painting smock.

What are painter’s pants?

Painter’s pants are an article of clothing meant for painting that got adapted as a fashion statement. Painter’s pants were intended for professional painters and have been marketed as such since the 1920s.

What type of shoes do painters wear?

You may be wondering if painters wear white shoes as well. Most painters wear normal shoes to work. However, a majority will choose shoes that have a good tread such as work boots. Work boots help painters not only stay comfortable standing all day but also help them find grip when working from ladders, high places, and slippery floors.

How are painters’ clothes washed?

It is quite easy to wash water-based paint from painters’ clothing but not so much when it comes to oil-based paint.

When washing water-based paint from painters’ clothing follows the steps below:

  1. Begin by scraping off the paint from the clothes and gently running warm water over the stain.
  2. Using a laundry detergent, treat the stained spot before scrubbing using a soft brush.
  3. Wash the clothing as you would normally do with others.
  4. Repeat the process until the paint stain disappears.

What is the color of the painter’s white?

Painters’ white are usually cool white and contain some grey undertone. This color may sometimes appear as grey on the surface depending on the lighting or at some times during the day.

Is washing paint-covered clothes, right?

If we are talking of water-based paint, then they’re not so much to worry about. All you need to do is scrape the paint, run the stain under warm water and then wash your clothes as you would normally wash your regular clothes.

Can the jeans you painted on to be washed?

Yes, you can wash jeans that you painted using the process we outlined above. If you are using a washing machine, then you will need to turn the jeans inside out before washing them. Consider using a drier or hanging them on a line for them to dry properly.

What method can I use to protect painted jeans?

You will need to heat set the paint for the painting to last on the jean. This is an easy process using iron and pressing on the paint for a minimum of 5 minutes. Just remember to avoid direct contact between the iron and the paint.

How can I prevent paint from cracking on jeans?

If you are using acrylic paint, you will need to convert it to fabric paint by using a medium. Once you have added medium to the acrylic paint, your paint will acquire the properties of fabric paint and thus will not crack on the jeans even when the fibers are pulled apart.

We hope that you now have a greater appreciation of why painters wear white clothing. It is a tradition with a rich history that is bound to stay in the profession for ages to come. Continue checking our site for more information and tips on professional painting.

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