How Much Does A Maaco Paint Job Cost

Want to give your car a makeover? It is a daunting task, right? Not so much so when you have the right people working on your project. You don’t have to look so far because Maaco is there to help clients like you get the paintwork they need on their car. Having been in operation for nearly half a century, Maaco boosts top-notch professionals with millions of satisfied customers across North America.

But how much does a Maaco paint job cost?

Depending on the car and several other factors, a Maaco paint job will cost anywhere between $300 – $1000. You can choose from a variety of paint options which can alter the final price. But you can also get a free price estimate for planning purposes from them. Their price estimates are free but with one catch. You have to visit your local Maaco shop in person to get the price estimate. Good enough, you don’t need an appointment when going to get a price estimate for your paint job.

What determines the cost of Maaco paint job?

As we mentioned earlier, you will need to present your vehicle to your local Maaco shop to get a price estimate for its paint job. `This enables the Maaco professionals to inspect your car and assess the complexity involved in giving it a new paint job. Thus the price estimate you will be given will be very close or similar to the actual cost of repainting your car.

Some of the factors the Maaco professional will assess to determine the cost of the paint job includes:

  1. The condition of the car

For relatively new cars, you don’t need much prep work before doing a paint job and therefore you can expect the cost of the paint job to be as minimal as possible. However, if the car is old, or has dents then some prep work needs to be done before the new paintwork can be done.

Prep work for a paint job often takes much of the time and a bigger percentage of the costs involved in painting a car. This is because in most cases, the body frame and other body parts need to be repaired and aligned to the original state in as much as possible. The car may need to be stripped of its paint, dents straightened up, and cracked or damaged parts replaced. This process is time-consuming and adds up the costs involved but you can trust be fulfilled with the result when working with Maaco. Therefore whether your car needs some prep work or not, don’t be afraid, Maaco will work with you to deliver the best results for your car.

  • Paint package

Maaco gives you the option to choose from 3 paint packages depending on your budget or taste.

To begin with, there is the basic service package which is the simplest and least expensive. This Package only involves applying a single-stage enamel paint with a gloss finish to refresh your car’s appearance. Maaco will give you a 1-year warranty on your car paint job for this package.

The other package is the preferred service package. It costs more than the basic service package and involves applying a single layer of urethane-based paint. Urethane-based paints are more durable and more resistant to scratches when compared to enamel paint. Maaco will you a 3-year warranty on your car paint job with this package.

Lastly, Maaco offers a premium service package on car paint jobs. This package is the most expensive of the three and involves a 2-stage paint job that includes a base coat and a cleat coat. Their application will give your car a glossier and nice finish and is long-lasting and resistant to scratches as well. For this package, Maaco will you a 5-year warranty on your car’s paint job.

  • Specialty painting

The other factor that Maaco uses to determine the cost of your car paint job is if you need to mix colors or use paints outside the scope offered in-store by Maaco. Maaco gives you the flexibility to work with them and give your car a new and exciting look that suits your taste. However, if you have to mix colors or choose to use paints that Maaco doesn’t stock, you better be prepared to adjust your budget upwards.

  • Color change

If you need to change your car’s color to be different from the original, you need to be aware that it will cost you more than retaining the original color. A lot of work is involved in changing the color and it is more complex than other paint jobs as you have to paint some parts of the interior and the trunk as well. However, the good thing about Maaco is that they will still work with you to give your car the new color you desire. You will only have to adjust your budget accordingly to cater to the extra work involved.

  • The size of your car

Car sizes range from compact, family size to  SUV’s. The bigger the size the more paint you need and extra work on the car. Therefore, expect smaller cars to cost less when it comes to painting work when compared to larger cars. However, there are some instances where you don’t need to paint the whole car. Like for example when your car has a minor dent on one side that needs to be repaired and the paintwork applied on the affected parts. This applies to new cars in which case painting the whole car would be unnecessary. Your local Maaco shop attendant will advise you if your car requires a whole-body paint job or you just need to paint a smaller surface. The bottom line is you will save a lot when painting part and not the whole car.

How long will it take to paint my car?

Depending on the work that needs to be done on your car, Maaco will have your car painted in 2 to 7 days. Cars that don’t need any prep work can be ready in as little as 2 days. On the other hand, if your car needs a significant amount of bodywork or needs parts replacement, then the paint job can take up to 7 working days. However, it is important to note that 80% of all vehicles being worked by Maaco are ready in 3 days. It won’t be a long separation from your partner on the road.

Maaco is your trustworthy partner when it comes to automotive paintwork. Don’t mess your car trying to do paintwork by yourself when there is a Maaco shop near you. It will not only save you time and money but will give you’re a car a fresh new coat and life. That’s why Maaco gives a warranty for any paint job package. Go get your free estimate now!

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