Best Time To Buy Artificial Christmas Tree

Nothing beats the holidays! With family and friends coming over, we all get to reconnect, catch up and plan on the next phases of our lives. While some holidays may seem normal, Christmas is quite different.  Nothing brings in the Christmas spirit as a Christmas tree. That’s why you need to invest in a Christmas tree early enough for the Christmas holidays to go as planned. A good Christmas tree will be a delight to the kids, guests, and visiting family members making the holiday more memorable.

Depending on your taste, a good Christmas tree will cost upwards of $500. You have the option of going for a live Christmas tree o an artificial one. If you are getting yourself a live Christmas tree, then it’s recommendable that you wait up to the days leading to Christmas before you can get one.

However, you can have an artificial Christmas tree at any time of the year. What’s more, you can be able to reuse your artificial Christmas tree over the years if you can be able to store it in good condition and thus saving you quite a huge amount of money.

But when is the best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree

While you can get an artificial Christmas in some stores all year round, most stores tend to stock artificial Christmas trees during the holiday season. But you may want to start your Christmas tree much earlier say in November which means you may have to buy the Christmas tree much earlier. However, if you want to save big when buying a Christmas tree, buy one when there is a sale.

You are likely to get a good deal on Christmas trees on Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales, or immediately after Christmas.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving. If you want to buy an artificial Christmas tree real cheap, we recommend that you wait until at least Black Friday sales. At this time of the year, every store will have artificial Christmas trees in stock and most of them will be on sale as stores compete for customers during the holiday season.

Most stores will also give huge discounts on artificial Christmas trees at around 2 weeks to Christmas day. However, if you have to wait for this long before buying your Christmas tree, then you need to make sure that you have other preparations ready so that you are not found flat-footed.

After Christmas sales

If you really want an artificial Christmas tree for a fraction of the cost then the best time to buy one is after the Christmas holidays. Most stores will drastically reduce the cost of Christmas trees after the holiday season to try as much as possible to clear their stocks of Christmas trees. It is therefore not surprising to get discounts of even up to 75% of the initial price of the Christmas tree.

The good thing about artificial Christmas trees is that you can use them even up to 7 years. This makes them a good investment if you are buying them at a discount. Therefore with good planning, you can get a good Christmas tree after the Christmas celebrations are over for use in the coming years.

Tips to consider when buying an artificial Christmas tree

As we have already discovered, an artificial Christmas is an investment that is going to serve in the next 5 to 7 years. It is therefore important to make sure you are buying the right quality Christmas tree so that you don’t have to buy one every holiday season. Here are some important considerations you have to make to get a Christmas tree that will serve you best.

  1. Consider the dimensions

You may be tempted to buy the largest Christmas tree you come across especially if it is on sale but this may be a costly mistake. Well, you may still buy it if you have more than enough space in your living room.

However, if you are short on space, consider buying an artificial Christmas tree with a slim shape. Top pencil Christmas trees are shaped in a way that they will still reach your ceiling and thus are an ideal choice if you have little space but still want the magic of a Christmas tree during the holidays.

  • Pre-lit or Unlit?

When buying any Christmas tree, basically you have two options to choose from. You can choose a Christmas tree with lights already connected to the branches or one that doesn’t have any lighting fixed.

Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages and therefore you will need to weigh your situation carefully before choosing either.

Pre-lit Christmas trees lessen the work you have to do when setting up the tree in your home as all you will need to do is plug in the socket and add the decorations. It is therefore most convenient if you don’t have much time to spare setting up the Christmas tree. However, you need to be careful in choosing the type of lights that will blend with your living room décor for the best results. This gives you limited options to choose from otherwise you may end up with a Christmas tree that won’t blend in at all in your living room.

Unlit Christmas trees on the other hand will give you the freedom to choose the lighting that will go on them. It is therefore much easier to blend the lights with your home décor for the perfect Christmas night ambiance. However, this means that you will need to take more time to set up your Christmas tree which requires earlier planning. It also means you will have to consider the extra costs of putting up the lights on the Christmas tree.

  • Safety

As we have mentioned above, you will in one way or another have to use electricity with your artificial Christmas tree. Wherever electricity is involved, there is the risk of fire or even electric shock especially if you are using substandard items. That’s why it is important to make sure that the artificial Christmas tree you are buying is fire retardant and has a UL tag listing it safe from fire and electric shock.

Moreover, you don’t want a Christmas tree that will topple easily especially if you have kids or pets. Consider buying a Christmas tree with a wide and sturdy bass that will keep the Christmas tree stable. This will make sure it can hold on to the weight of decorations and that it won’t easily topple when kids bump into it accidentally.

Buying a Christmas tree early enough guarantees that we have less to worry about when the holiday season sets in. It means that you have more than enough time to work on other things and enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones more. That’s why we hope you will find this article helpful and insightful. Continue checking our website for other tips to make your holidays a delight.

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