How To Get Super Glue Out Of Clothes

Super glue vs epoxy

In many households, super glue is the Mr. fix it. You can work with almost anything and fix almost everything using super glue. It therefore won’t be surprising that you will have to deal with super glue stains now and again in your house. Super glue stains are quite common although we all detest them. … Read more

Is Screen Printing A Profitable Business

Is Screen Printing A Profitable BusinessIs Screen Printing A Profitable Business

Screen printing has been growing in popularity over the recent days that a lot of people are considering investing in this growing industry. Before we can delve into whether screen printing is a profitable business, I want us to discuss first why screen printing has become so popular and its downsides. This way, you can … Read more

How To Remove Vinyl From Shirt

How to remove the vinyl from a shirt

There are basically, two ways you can add vinyl to a shirt. Iron-on transfer and heat transfer. While you can easily brand a shirt using heat transfer vinyl, for some reason you may want to remove it. It is a little tricky to remove heat transfer vinyl from a shirt but not impossible. If you … Read more